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GridCal  Creates the foundation for optimal energy distribution processes by assisting decision makers to minimize system losses and overall investment.

GridCal is an easy-to-install hard- and software system solution for the complete digitization of electrical distribution grids. It is based on a hybrid approach that combines centralized and decentralized components.

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The management of communication and measurement technology is realized by web-technology using a central management server on site - the GridCal Operator.

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Decentral data evaluation In contrast, the main data aggregation as well as the decentralized data pre-evaluation are performed through GridCal in the local substation itself. The most significant advantage of the GridCal solution is that not every measurement has to be transferred to the headquarters or into an expensive cloud solution.

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Focus on the important things Only the important data is transmitted, such as overvoltages and undervoltages or device overloads. The causes of all these events can be investigated in the central management server with further detailed grid analyses. In combination with the GridCal Operator, the merging of measurement and device data such as cables and transformers is extremely easy, since the manual data fusion -which is time-consuming and error-prone- is performed by the GridCal Operator.

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Different analysis for different user groups In addition to monitoring, GridCal provides tailored grid analyses for different groups of grid operator staff. Planners, asset managers and senior management all have very different information needs. The GridCal Operator is therefore the perfect assistant for handling current and future tasks in the distribution grids more efficiently and more quickly. At the same time, the GridCal Operator provides different information for different user groups, so that the most important answers can be identified without delay.

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Cellular grids for high resilience and autonomous operations Real-time tasks such as load management can be performed completely autonomously in the substation. GridCal does not require any special IT infrastructure, as it uses state-of-the-art web technology and standard protocols. Data sovereignty had top priority during the development of the system and therefore never leaves the premise of the grid operator.

With the GridCal system solution, customers receive a highly scalable, user-friendly and future-proof solution that combines a data analyst, grid operator and a complete IT infrastructure in one. Using our GridCal solution will lead to a more efficient energy distribution process and reduce overall system losses. It will also enable the integration of more renewable energy and e-mobility while avoiding or delaying costly grid expansion.

Key Features:

  • Out-of-the-Box and highly scalable system solution
  • Data sovereignty from the start
  • Future-proof via remote updates
  • Costly extensions of the grid infrastructure (civil engineering works) are avoided or delayed by up to 50%
  • Reduction of system losses (heat) by up to 30%
  • Reduction of resources (copper and aluminium)
  • Savings in energy and prevention of cyber security risks by eliminating the need for cloud solutions.

Solar Impulse


Our GridCal System has been awarded the coveted Solar Impulse Label and now belongs to the TOP 1000 Efficient Solutions! The Label by SOLAR IMPULSE FOUNDATION founded by Bertrand Piccard is an award for clean and profitable solutions. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, evaluated by independent experts, serves as a credible quality indicator for decision-makers in companies and governments. This will bring new technologies and products to the market and accelerate their implementation.

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